More about ads on Rooster

Hey there, Tali from Rooster here. We figured some of you would be curious about “Rooster offers” and possibly our brand advertisers too, so I wanted to share a few words.

We first started Rooster in late 2013 with the goal of connecting our local communities back to their authentic, time-old core values and traditions. We sensed this spirit was increasingly missing from the world. With a long path ahead of us, we made a crucial decision from the very start: we would create Rooster as a company, rather than a non profit. Our primarily motivation was knowing in order to achieve the impact we want, we would need access to the very best guidance, mentorship, talent and financing, all of which are much more readily available to companies over non profits (whether we like it or not, this is the reality in which we operate). We’ve learned from the experience and stories of inspiring organizations such as Couchsurfing, Freecycle and others, and decided to try a different approach.

So far, our bet has been paying off. It is thanks to endless support from incredibly experienced, talented people that we’ve been able to lift Rooster off the ground so it can serve its purpose in the community.

We believe ‘Rooster offers’ and ‘Brands who deserve you’ (the ads you’re seeing) to be the third leg of a win-win-win triangle for local communities, deserving businesses and the Rooster community everywhere.

Local businesses have traditionally had fewer options and less access than large, national or global corporations in reaching their audiences. This makes it harder for local businesses to run gainful operations, and proportionally easier for large corporates to do this with their huge scale. 

Rooster offers is custom designed for the local economy: making it easier and more affordable than ever for local entrepreneurs to make themselves heard. We ask these businesses to give an “offer” – providing a great benefit the Rooster community and incentivizing members to buy locally.  When buying locally, your dollars cover costs of living and development of your neighbors. Their taxes remain in your home municipality. The value cycle stays close to home.

We are also experimenting with branding opportunities for socially responsible, conscious brands – under the name ‘Brands who deserve you’. We aim to level the playing field and give exposure to great brands who favor social responsibility, often sacrificing their bottom line in the process.

We hope you consider increasing your focus on buying locally and consciously. We hope you enjoy shopping local offers on Rooster, and getting to know brands who make your money well spent. Know that these ads make the right type of businesses thrive, and keep Rooster going, growing and developing, always for the betterment of our communities.

Local businesses can learn more or get started with Rooster offers here.
Conscious brands can inquire here – we’ll get back to you real fast.